German Military Passport

Great-grandfather Button

German military passport from the Kaiser’s period. Complete German Military Passport from the Kaiser’s period of the Great-grandfather of the author. Military passport of the great-grandfather of the author: carpenter Heinrich Button (mother’s side), born on 30 March 1978 in Buedesheim (near Frankfurt/Main), died on 19 March 1954. Married to Marie Caroline Button, born Rueckert. Father Philipp Jakob Button and mother Elisabethe Button, born Schaefer, (Buedesheim). Issued on 17 October 1898, last entries on 25 September 1917.

Armies of World War One

German troops in a maneuver

The Armies of World War One. However nowadays World War One is usually considered because of its mindless massacre of young men, sent out to die in their 1000’s by silly­-looking ancient leaders with walrus moustaches, it turned out indeed a lot more interesting and also important than just that. It dramatically changed the entire idea of warfare, in which not just the military, however the entire nation­ – its technology, research, as well as spirits – had been put … learn more


War Diary – the last days 100 years ago:

Diary August 25, 1916

British machine-gunner firinig his Lewis Gun

Diary for Friday, August 25, 1916: Western Front Battle of the Somme: British secure Delville Wood and repulse attacks south of Thiepval. Champagne: German attack west of Tahure repulsed. Ypres: New 4th Canadian Division arrives. Eastern Front Dobruja: Russian Dobruja Detachment (50,000 men in 3 divisions) crosses Danube into Rumania, invades Bulgaria (August 27). Southern Fronts Macedonia: Bulgars occupy Seres in northeast Greece. Sea War North Sea: German coastal submarine sinks armed boarding steamer HMS Duke of Albany.

Diary August 24, 1916

horse respirators

Diary for Thursday, August 24, 1916: Western Front Battle of the Somme: British GHQ letter to General Rawlinson (Fourth Army) emphasizes it is vital to secure Ginchy, Guillemont and Falfemont Farm without delay. Foch’s co-operation secured (August 25); attack to be launched on August 29 but thunderstorms postpone it repeatedly to September 3. German attacks west of Ginchy. British advance towards Thiepval and Delville Wood. French battalion Frere (2nd battalion, 1st Regiment, 1st Division) captures all of Maurepas (until August … learn more

Diary August 23, 1916

airfield of Jasta 2

Diary for Wednesday, August 23, 1916: Air War Western Front: Germans form first regular fighter squadron Jasta 1 (Captain Martin Zander), Boelcke’s Jasta 2 (August 30), both and two more units assigned to Somme. Britain: Army Zeppelin LZ97 scatters 34 bombs over Suffolk (night 23/24, no casualties). Southern Fronts Carnic Alps: Italian XVIII Corps begins advance to drive Austrians from Fassa Alp, captures Mt Cauriol (August 27). Middle East Mesopotamia, Persia – Battle of Rayat: Russians defeat Turks who lose … learn more