Romanian Army in World War One 1916-1918

Romanian troops advance into Transylvania

The Army of Rumania in World War One 1916-1918. Uniforms, strength and organization of the Romanian Army. On August 17, 1916 Rumania settled the military alliance with the Allies which had been forced upon her, and after that instantly started to disprove the belief – nevertheless present among the great powers 50 years later – that the ally is undoubtedly superior to a neutral. The Allies had expected that the in excess of 500,000 men strong Rumanian forces would be … learn more

German Military Passport

Great-grandfather Button

German military passport from the Kaiser’s period. Complete German Military Passport from the Kaiser’s period of the Great-grandfather of the author. Military passport of the great-grandfather of the author: carpenter Heinrich Button (mother’s side), born on 30 March 1978 in Buedesheim (near Frankfurt/Main), died on 19 March 1954. Married to Marie Caroline Button, born Rueckert. Father Philipp Jakob Button and mother Elisabethe Button, born Schaefer, (Buedesheim). Issued on 17 October 1898, last entries on 25 September 1917.


War Diary – the last days 100 years ago:

Diary September 25, 1916

Tank Mk I at the Somme

Great War Diary for Monday, September 25, 1916: Western Front Battle of the Somme – Battle of Morval (­until September 28): Allied attack at 1235 hours. British with 2 tanks capture Lesboeufs and Morval and almost surround Combles. Slight French Sixth Army advance at Rancourt (captured), Les Priez Farm and Fregicourt (until September 26). Air War Somme: RFC 4th Brigade helps silence 34 German batteries. 1st Brigade (17 aircraft) hits 2 troop trains, Libercourt station (Douai­-Lille main line) and 2nd … learn more

Diary September 24, 1916

Airfield of Royal Flying Corps

Diary for Sunday, September 24, 1916: Western Front Battle of the Somme: British repulse counter-attack west of Lesboeufs. Air War Western Front: 60 RFC fighters (3 lost) destroy at least 4 German aircraft, in group attacks on Cambrai area airfields. France: Dunkirk has 17 casualties to German bombs (1 raider shot down). Germany: 2 French aircraft drop 12 bombs on Krupp, Essen. Home Fronts Canada: £20 million war loan; £16m over-subscribed.

Diary September 23, 1916

German naval 'Super Zeppelin' L32

Diary for Saturday, September 23, 1916: Air War Britain: 9 of 12 Zeppelins reach East England (night September 23-24), drop 371 bombs causing 170 civilian casualties (151 in London) but L32 forced to crash-land after anti-aircraft and fighter hits, L33 shot down in Essex by Second Lieutenant F Sowsey in RFC BE2c (39 Squadron). For many subsequent nights Londoners take refuge in underground railway from 1730 hours. Somme: After another victory Guyenemer’s Spad VII hit by French 75mm anti-aircraft fire, … learn more